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Who is eligible to enter?

Previously disadvantaged women who are South African citizens or Africans who live in SA.


Would I be able to enter if I have not studied photography or videography?

Yes, a formal photography education is an advantage, but is not required. 


What if I'm still studying? 

This might make it difficult to manage the Lampost Luminaries full-time fellowship programme. It is advisable to finish your studying first.


I am a videographer, but not a photographer – can I still apply?



Will this be an annual fellowship ie when can I apply?

Application date will be announced on @lampostluminaries first quarter of 2022.


If I don't really have many clients would letters of referral from my lecturers suffice?



Is there an age limit for applicants?

The age limit is between 20 – 40 years old.

I live in Cape Town. Would I be considered if I apply?

All women photographers or videographers would be considered but would have to be based in Johannesburg for the duration of the fellowship.  


I'm a self-taught photographer who's taken up photography in my late 30s, can I still enter?



Are there specific styles of photography more likely to be chosen?

We are aiming to up-skill women photographers or videographers who want to shoot big campaigns in fashion editorial, advertising and motion.

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