A fellowship for emerging womxn photographers and videographers

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Lampost Luminaries 2021
A 10-month, full-time, up-skill programme.
Aimed at fast-tracking African womxn photographers and videographers
Applications for 2021
Will be announced on @lampostluminaries June 2021

Providing an immersive, mentored,

fully-funded photography & videography 

fellowship to young African womxn

3 months 

On-The-Job Training  

real-life shoots  with 

established photographers/


who become mentors

5 months 

Skills Development 

technical, business 

and creative 

2 months


at an advertising agency, publishing house or  Lampost Productions 



As a group of women with over 3 decades of experience in the photographic, fashion and advertising industry, we want to uplift other creative womxn, share our knowledge, mentor and award well-deserving womxn an opportunity to influence culture and change the visual storytelling world.
- Jodie Ennik.

Jodie Ennik

Jodie has been a consistent and highly respected contributor in many areas of the local fashion and advertising industries for two decades.
Starting as a model, then a stylist, photographic producer, business owner and entrepreneur.
Most notably Jodie was the Founder of the premier photographic production and creative management companies Lampost and Lustre.
Jodie’s hard work, relentless energy and innate understanding of the zeitgeist have created thriving business.
Strikingly she has exhibited a spirit of inclusion and community that has propelled numerous proteges to bright, enduring careers of their own.
As creator of the non-profit Rise Creative Mentorship Program, Jodie’s passion for sharing knowledge and upskilling photographers was solidified.
A further and more singular vision has been born in the form of her latest venture, Lampost Luminaries.

Kassie Naidoo

Kassie built her career as a creative director over 3 decades, expressing her creativity through design, branding and art direction. Leading small and large teams of creatives within the advertising industry, she found out her strength is mentoring and guiding the energy of the next generation of creatives. 

Over the last 4 years, Kassie's work has developed into a deeply collaborative way of creating which has led her to give her time and energy to exploring positive social impact through creativity. 

Nandi Dlepu

A multifaceted creative force to be reckoned with. Nandi runs Mamakashaka, a creative agency based in Johannesburg that creates content for individuals, brands and communities within the Arts, Culture & Lifestyle industries.

In parallel to the agency offering of her business, Nandi is best known for her womxn advocacy as well as her brands. Bloom, a platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering the female creative community, Feel Good Series her monthly performance platform for emerging dj’s and live performance acts and her colour themed fashion party Pantone Sundays.

Meet our four fellowship womxn chosen to join our first ever #LampostLuminaries for the year of 2020
In November 2019 Lampost launched Lampost Luminaries, a 10-month fellowship programme starting in 2020 for 4 womxn photographers/videographers via social media. The campaign was a proclamation to all emerging female creatives on the cusp of greatness to take a journey with us. The response was incredible, ranging from self-taught applicants to graduates entrusting us with their profound stories and curated portfolios. Our panel carefully and rigorously went through each submission first independently, then as a group. After much discussion and debate, we were left with 12 finalists. The second phase was a face-to-face with each shortlisted candidate…which didn’t make our jobs any easier. We encountered so many talented, inspiring hopefuls but thankfully after final deliberation, the panel came to a unanimous decision and on 21 December 2019 we had our four inaugural recipients! 

So here they are, our four #LampostLuminaries for 2020!

Starting in February, Thalente Khomo, Lili Ming, Basetsana Maluleka and Lebogang Tlhako will embark on an intensive 10-month upskill programme that will equip them with tools to jump-start their professional careers as photographers and videographers.

Passionate about stories centered on the female experience and exhibiting a keen desire to collaborate with other inspiring womxn. Thalente’s photography takes lead from her upbringing in rural KwaZulu-Natal where she first fell in love with expressionism.

Her work unflinchingly explores the objectification and exploitation of womxns’ and girls’ bodies in our society, and consequently the lasting effects of this on one’s psyche.

As a photographer, cinematographer and graphic designer Lili relishes any opportunity to express herself. Working in unwelcoming male-dominated professional spaces has further emboldened her fortitude and resolve.

Lili’s desire to deeply connect with her subjects, in conjunction with the exploration and celebration of her feminine gaze, results in striking and relevant imagery.

With the objective to create a body of work that provokes reaction whilst providing a voice for the marginalised. Pretoria-born and raised Basetsana is moved to action by the lack of representation for young girls and is committed to forging a bright, new path.


Her photographic eye is not confined to any one area of focus however her exuberance and passion are a through-line in all of her images.

Honing her skills as multidisciplinary entrepreneur and photographer in Katlehong. Lebogang’s photography demonstrates a deft hand representing the township’s heritage in tandem within her contemporary concepts.


Her work explores the affirmations of a generation coming to grips with “adulting”, whilst creating compelling images that draw the viewer into every considered, stylised image.

We need your help
Thank you to our sponsors. We couldn't do this without you!
We strongly believe in collaboration, partnership and sponsorship to make Lampost Luminaries a success for each of these amazing womxn. We would love to meet with you to discuss how we can join forces on this meaningful initiative together.


General Inquiries:
+27 11 788 2609
66 Worcester Rd, Parkwood, Johannesburg, South Africa

All images by Bianca Theron with Lampost Productions 


Who is eligible to enter?

Previously disadvantaged Womxn who are South African citizens.


Would I be able to enter if I have not studied photography or videography?

Yes, a formal photography education is an advantage, but is not required. 


What if I'm still studying? 

This might make it difficult to manage the Lampost Luminaries full-time fellowship programme. It is advisable to finish your studying first.


I am a videographer, but not a photographer – can I still apply?



Will this be an annual fellowship ie can I apply - application date will be announced on @lampostluminaries January 2021.


If I don't really have many clients would letters of referral from my lecturers suffice?



Is there an age limit for applicants?

The age limit is between 18 – 50.

I live in Cape Town. Would I be considered if I apply?

All previously disadvantaged South African womxn photographers and videographers would be considered but the programme is run in Johannesburg so you would have to be locally based.  


I'm a self-taught photographer who's taken up photography in my 40s, can I still enter?



Would you consider a wedding photographer's portfolio?

A wedding photographer will be considered, but we are looking to up skill high-end commercial, fashion and fine art photographers.


Are there specific styles of photography more likely to be chosen?

We are aiming to up-skill the next wave of successful womxn photographers who would be able to shoot big campaigns in fashion editorial, advertising, fine art, short films, art exhibitions.

Lampost Luminaries